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Wilson Shou, the Founder, CEO, & CFO, has more than ten years of financial training industry experience in China and has trained over 20,000 students. As an entrepreneur and a father, he realized that using a big screen for children’s education could be a high potential market. He has a deep understanding of financial training standards and approaches, and early childhood training is an area he has always wanted to cover. He believes that in the future, training will no longer be limited to adults, but will begin at an earlier stage. He plans to use his years of training experience, combined with modern big-screen interactive technology, to develop a set of training methods of professional skills for children.


Peiyu is passionate about business, analytics, and anything else related to marketing. After graduating from Michigan State University with a specialization in Marketing, Peiyu joined the Xingtai Shuntai Real Estate Development Company in 2016 as a marketing director. Peiyu has experience in developing and evaluating marketing strategies and setting pricing strategies to maximize a company’s profits and market share. Her academic background has allowed her to combine marketing analytics with human-centered communication strategies to help organizations achieve their desired outcomes. Peiyu has the experience and track record to grow Eduwindow into a leading technology content company.

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