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Peiyu Zheng


Our Marketing Maven & Growth Driver

At the heart of Eduwindow Technology Ltd.'s growth strategies and marketing initiatives is the astute and enthusiastic Peiyu Zheng. With a distinguished academic background, specializing in Marketing from Michigan State University, and a deep-seated passion for analytics and business, Peiyu brings a fresh perspective to our strategic planning and decision-making process.

Peiyu embarked on her professional journey in 2016, joining Xingtai Shuntai Real Estate Development Company as a Marketing Director. With her remarkable knack for developing and evaluating compelling marketing strategies, along with her prowess in setting strategic pricing to optimize company profits and market share, Peiyu has consistently shown her ability to drive business growth.

At the core of her marketing philosophy is the fusion of analytics and human-centric communication strategies. It's this unique approach that enables Peiyu to devise marketing plans that resonate with the audience on a personal level while achieving the desired business outcomes.

Now, Peiyu has brought her expertise and exceptional track record to Eduwindow Technology Ltd., where she plays a pivotal role in steering us toward becoming a leading technology content company. Her comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, combined with her ability to leverage marketing analytics, allows us to effectively navigate the competitive educational technology landscape.

Peiyu Zheng

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