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About Us

Children between the ages of 3 - 12 have a strong demand for gaining knowledge and developing vocational skills from participating in extra-curricular activities. However, small or medium-sized screens such as computers or iPads can cause vision damage, thus parents are in urgent demand of a learning solution. Big screens are recommended by experts and expected by parents, and yet there is a lack of interactive educational children's learning content suitable for the big screen.


As distributors of big screen children's learning content, we use OTT as a distribution channel through an interactive large screen in the form of pre-installed app, providing children between the ages of 3 - 12 with basic education learning and vocational skills in areas such as finance, programming and design, while also including professional software learning, with examples of MS OFFICE, PS and more. Other areas also include language learning, such as English, Chinese, Cantonese, etc.

In addition to the content creation through OGC, we also use UGC and PGC to produce and upload learning content. The company will provide a set of professional AI software to assist with conversion of static teaching materials into dynamic interactive teaching materials. The software is also compatible with VR technology, its purpose is not only to lighten the burden, but also to improve the performance of the concept of “learning while playing”.

Since big screen interaction is critical to protecting children's vision, we can even collaborate with the use of smart toys to develop special learning methods to enable children to learn happily while playing.

Now Hiring

The content provided by the company will be easy to understand, mainly to stimulate interest for children to develop an interest in a certain field and a desire for a deep understanding to achieve the goal of self-learning. The company's big-screen interactive learning technology, compared with computer and iPad screens, not only greatly reduces the visual harm, but the learning material itself is more entertaining. It, therefore, can enhance children's interest in achieving the goal of happy learning. It is the most desirable situation for both parents and children.

With the goal of a long-term contribution to Canada's cultural exchange, China will be the first market entry target. Which will be later followed by North America with its main focus on Canada, then to Japan, Europe, Africa, India and other countries.

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