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Wilson Shou


The Architect of Interactive and Empowering Childhood Education

Meet our dynamic and visionary Founder, CEO, and CFO, Wilson Shou. With a decade of rich experience in the financial training industry in China, Wilson has skillfully guided over 20,000 students to financial literacy. His comprehensive understanding of industry standards, innovative training methods, and his exceptional ability to connect with students, make him a unique figure in the industry.

But, it's not just his professional prowess that sets Wilson apart. As a father and a dedicated entrepreneur, he recognized the untapped potential of utilizing big-screen technology in children's education, marking a new era of innovative learning experiences. This realization has been instrumental in the birth and growth of Eduwindow Technology Ltd. It represents a fusion of his professional insights and parental instincts, both working towards creating an enriching, safer, and more effective learning environment for children.

A true visionary, Wilson believes that training and education should not be confined to adulthood, but should start much earlier. He envisions a future where children have a head start in learning crucial professional skills from a young age. Drawing upon his vast experience in financial training, he aims to craft specialized educational programs that offer an interactive and immersive learning experience, all through the convenience and safety of the big screen.


Wilson is not just laying the groundwork for a unique educational methodology. He's reshaping the way we think about children's education and professional skills training. By creating a robust and engaging platform, he's enabling the next generation to build a solid foundation of knowledge, skills, and curiosity, all of which will serve as their tools for future success.

At Eduwindow Technology Ltd., we are proud to have Wilson at the helm, leading us in our mission to revolutionize children's education. His unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence are the driving force behind our commitment to empowering every child with the gift of knowledge, skills, and a love for lifelong learning.

Wilson Shou

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